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Plastisell produces a wide range of PVC waterproofi ng Membranes Brand Name PLASTIFLEX and waterproofing Systems since 1965. A long time ago, Plastisell launched an intensive research and development campaign for waterproofi ng membranes in building and civil engineering and since than great changes have been seen in materials and manufacturing processes.



Innovation takes us and industry forward and Plastisell has system provider is at the forefront of it. The introduction of PVC flexible waterproofing membranes in construction field has been pioneered by Plastisell setting the currently accepted site standards. These products perform high quality in terms of mechanical properties, long life, weldability with consequent easy application.



Modern building construction, public works, stations, traffic and metro tunnels are increasingly planned for a functional service life of more than hundred years. For this reason, they must be protected against the effects of groundwater. Plastisell certifies performance and longevity PLASTIFLEX membranes.


Our Factory

Research and innovation are the FOUNDATIONS on which Plastisell has built its effort since the beginning of its business. Established in 1965 Plastisell has become soon one of the leading companies in the manufacture of PVC waterproofing membranes for the construction industry internationally.

Plastisell is structured around three divisions:

  • Waterproofing membranes - accessories for waterproofing
  • Thin PVC FILM for moisture and damp barriers
  • Bags for fertilizers and detergents

Our commitment to service

In order to meet all the Total Quality requirements, Plastisell offers the best support to market operators.

  • Technical services: Standard or customised technical specifications in paper or IT format, analysis laboratories, on-site supervision, internet site.
  • Commercial services: quick answers to commercial queries, courtesy and availability, ultra rapid filling of orders.
  • Logistics: a stock of finished products ensures fast deliveries with fully computerised logistic system makes it easy to trace products.

Plastisell Quality System

Material Quality

Plastisell use advanced raw materials, modern production processes, research intensively and ensure the internal production monitoring.

Product Quality

Certified Plastisell systems according ISO 9001, high quality advanced raw material technology for PVC-P POLIMERS.

CE Marking

The CE marking certifies that a product corresponds to the product specific EUROPEAN guidelines for the specific applications and functions.


Plastisell products meet all the existing requirements and are used in various sectors, and are used in various sectors:

  • Waterproofing of tunnels
  • Metro
  • Underground
  • Artificial lakes
  • Dams
  • Accessories


Plastiflex GLSO/SL - GLT


Plastiflex GLSO/SL - GLSO/SL/GT - GLSO


Plastiflex GLSO


Artificial lakes

Plastiflex GLB - ABN2


Plastiflex GLSO/SL/GT - GLB/GT


Plastiflex Anchor, Connector, Fixing disk, Horizontal flange, Injection Hose, Waterstop

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Where we are

Plastisell is located i Borgolavezzaro (Novara - Italy), 2nd Gravellona

Our offices are open, from monday to friday, from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

Tel.: +39 0321.885106 - +39 0321.885351

Fax: +39 0321.885550

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